Mica Powder

These mica powders cosmetic based powders, but can be used in many other things such as tumbler making, soap, candles, bath bombs, nail color, and so much more.
They will be packaged in little ziploc bags, but you may choose to upgrade to little jars for an extra cost. Also, you can choose to add a mini spoon for an extra cost. (doing it this way helps me keep the cost to you down)
These are sold in 5 gram sizes only (0.18 oz)
They have been sourced from places that do not involve child labor. They are vegan, gluten-free and have not been tested on any animals. 
SYN- Synthetic Mica offer high purity, more constant, resistant to higher temperatures, greater reflectivity, interference colors with higher chroma, more compressible in pressed powders, and less bleed from metallic colors.